The intimate dining space is surrounded by century-old trees and manicured lawn, where guests shall experience authentic dishes of Thai home-cooked recipes. Some of the recipes date back to the 1920's when Khunying Sinn, Nai Lert's beloved wife, passionately experimented with homegrown herbs and vegetables to create her own unique recipes. Her skills and natural talent made many dishes at Nai Lert Park Heritage Home popular to this day, namely Nai Lert Park's crispy vermicelli soup with shredded pork and shrimps, steamed rice and fish curry in banana leaves, and many more sumptuous dishes.

Today, Ma Maison proudly serving Nai Lert family's home-cooked recipes that have been appreciated from generation to generation. The family values the importance of dining, as food brings people together, in many different occasions. The idea behind this dining experience is to create true gastronomic community as part of a Thai culture and lifestyle.